Executive Coaching

Drawing from my broad leadership experience and executive coach training, I act as a guide and facilitator to enable corporate executives, entrepreneurs and small business owners to play at the top of their game, whether it be in business or in life. A strong leader has all the potential inside of them; my job is to help a leader connect to that potential and manifest it in a directed way towards success. Authentic, heart-centered leadership is the common driving force in the successful leader of today, and can inspire others to create unimaginable innovation. Know yourself and you shall know how to lead and inspire others.

Leadership coaching

Senior leadership roles require a sense beyond day-to-day fire-fighting and task management. Soft-skills, human interaction and relationship management become core talents that need to be nurtured and developed. Connecting to your authentic leadership style and manifesting it are critical for success and game-changing innovation.

  • Authentic Leadership

  • Connecting to Your Fullest Potential

  • Human Interaction

unlocking innovation

True innovation comes from a keen insight into your customers and market, coupled with a keen insight into unlocking the most from your team. Cultivating an attitude of observation, insight and creativity is a necessity for innovation.

  • Understanding Your Customer

  • Motivating Cross-Functional Teams

  • Developing a Culture of Innovation

mission & vision

Through crafting a clear sense of mission, for yourself, for your team and for your brand, you can drive success at every level.  Lacking this clarity,  you can find yourself constantly busy but without forward momentum.

  • Crafting a Meaningul Mission Statement

  • Developing Your Corporate or Department Mission

  • Aligning Team Interests

career & company transitions

Change is tough, whether it be in your organization or in your own life. Setting a clear goal, and navigating through the stormy waters to reach the other side is where I can help as a voice of calm and reason.

  • Goal Setting, Intention Setting

  • Crucial Conversation Role-Play

  • Personal Branding & Presentation Skills

relationship management

Relationships are everything in business. Learning to understand where others are coming from, cultivating the right relationships and repairing the broken ones enable one to lead more effectively. Coaching can help identify troublesome areas and approaches to improve.

  • Managing Relationships Up, Down and Laterally

  • Team Management

  • Personal Interaction Style


The life of an entrepreneur is exciting, tough and can be daunting. Coaching startups is a unique challenge that only someone who has been in the trenches can truly understand. I help with keeping sight of the end-goal while getting through the day-to-day tasks.

  • Developing a Clear Story

  • Product-Market Fit

  • Fund-Raising, Pitching and Lean Teams

Through an intense role-play, Vish was able to help me identify a path forward in developing a new incentive plan to better align an important but headstrong team member.
— Chief Executive Officer, Funded Technology Startup