Business Advising

Leveraging my vast background in creating successful business value across automotive, consumer goods, technology, startups and small business, I act as a professional sounding board in creating a customer-relevant plan for success. I have served as an executive and business leader in various roles with a particular affinity towards Marketing, Product & Branding and have helped business executives and owners navigate the complexities of their business and markets to create lasting value. I leverage my world-class education & training in business as well as my practical and seasoned track-record in creating business value along with modern executive coaching techniques to serve my clients.

product & Service strategy

Product begins with an innate understanding of your customer. Depending on the size of your business and your budget, I can help craft the appropriate plan to get the right market insights to drive to the most customer-relevant plan to successfully launch and grow your product or service.

  • Key Product & Service Benefits

  • Prioritized Feature Set

  • Product Marketing & Communications Strategy

marketing & branding

What does your company and brand stand for? Let us find the intersection of your core competencies, the market need, and where the maximum value is. Drive focus into exactly what you stand for and communicate it clearly into the marketplace.

  • Brand Positioning

  • Competitive Differentiation

  • Market Entry Strategy

consumer insights

From helping major automotive players hone in on the core insights to develop a new car platform to shoestring tech startups trying to figure out the right consumer insight to drive product development, I believe the core of profitability comes from solving the right consumer pain with the most relevant solution.

  • Consumer Insight Driven Product Strategy

  • Mining the Market for Insights

  • Validating Insights to Drive Product Development


Get coaching and advice in multiple areas of your business and discover the key levers to grow and scale your business from an outside perspective. Get help in planning your resources and developing your budgets. Develop a focused plan with the right processes in place to execute.


  • Resource Planning

  • Financial Planning

  • Budgeting

SMALL Business

As a small business owner you wear many hats and can lose site of the bigger picture while being in constant execution mode. I act as an outside advisor or surrogate board member to help hold you and your business accountable to your plans.

  • Business Planning & Strategy

  • Act as a Board Advisor

  • Growth Strategy & Marketing

startups & Fundraising

Whether you are creating a new business within a company, or on your own, a startup is a unique opportunity, that takes every best practice in business and boils it down to a get-it-done quick mentality. Creating the right story, and a relevant business plan are key ingredients to successfully winning over customers and investors.

  • Early stage Business Definition

  • Pitch Decks & Public Speaking

  • Fund-Raising Strategy

Vish has acted as an outside board advisor, asking me the difficult questions and helping me think through and map out my growth plan, hiring strategy and revenue mix as I scale my business.
— Owner; Independent Law Firm