Transformational LIFE coaching

I bring almost two decades of practical experience and study of the Indian Wisdom Tradition, to help leaders lead a more balanced existence, and support a more holistic success across business, life and family. Having been raised in an Indian family, these practices have been a part of my DNA and fit naturally with my perspectives on business. I used my yoga and meditation practice throughout my business career as a stress management tool, but over the years discovered deeper and more holistic effects that impacted every area of my life. I thus embarked on a training journey to help bring those teachings to the business community, to not only help with stress, but to create integrated success and transformation across work, life and family. I use my background and training in holistic health as an adjunct tool to professional coaching to help enable a more focused and integrated-healthy existence for my clients. I teach in group settings as well as through private instruction.

meditation TRAINING

It has taken some time for the Western World to catch up with what the ancient Rishis (seers) in India knew 5000 years ago. Modern medical research into meditation is uncovering new validation every day into benefits such as stress reduction, improved health, improved happiness and better sleep. I hope one day Western researchers will also explain the increase in serendipitous moments through a regular mediation practice! I teach meditation both on a one-to-one basis and to groups, from a balanced living, stress-reduction and scientific data persepctive.

  • Meditation Techniques

  • Deeper Practice Support

  • Meditation as a Stress Reduction Tool

yoga instruction


Yoga is an ancient scientific system for holistic health that combines philosophy, guidelines for living, movement, postures, breathwork, soundwork, meditation and spiritual connection that improves the mind, body and spirit for the purposes of fostering liberation from a life of suffering. For almost twenty years, I have practiced and studied Yoga as a complete system for health and well-being, under my teacher Yogrishi Vishvketu, who trained in the caves and forests of the Himalayas under enlightened mystics as well as having completed his doctorate in Yoga. I strive to bring the teachings from this ancient lineage into a relevant context for our current modern-day life challenges. With my unique empathy to the corporate environment, I can help tailor yoga classes towards your individual needs or specific corporate settings.

  • Corporate Yoga Classes

  • Private Yoga Instruction

  • Holistic Himalayan Yoga Tradition


We are proud to partner with Yogrishi Vishvketu of Akhanda Yoga for US-based Yoga events. This is an exciting opportunity to study Yoga with an authentic Himalayan Yoga Master.

  • Healing Workshop at Kripalu Center; Jan. 3-5, 2020, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

  • Pranayama Workshop at Kripalu Center; May 15-17, 2020, Stockbridge, Massachusetts

  • Hanuman Festival; June 11-14, 2020; Boulder, Colorado

  • Telluride Yoga Festival; June 25 - 28, 2020, Telluride, Colorado

  • Bhakti Fest West; September, 2020, Joshua Tree California

  • Satsang (spiritual discussion) at Head and Heart Insights; September 19, 2020, Los Angeles, California

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Online yoga classes are available through our partner Akhanda Yoga at:

ayurveda & Nutrition

Ayurveda is a sister science to Yoga, and comprises the medical system developed by the ancient Rishis (seers) in India. This complete, holistic system of mind-body-spirit health has been personally fascinating to me, and it's guidelines for living, nutrition and exercise helped me tremendously through some of the most challenging moments in my business career. Having worked for two different bosses who suffered heart attacks, I witnessed first-hand the damaging effects of lives out of balance.  Adopting Ayurveda into my life has steered me off my own destructive course. I can help you understand lifestyle choices that will enhance your overall work and life performance and get you on a healthy path.

  • Understanding Your Mind-Body Constitution (Dosha)

  • Nutrition, Lifestyle and Exercise Choices For Your Constitution

  • Lifestyle & Career Choices From a Health Context

Living WITH Purpose

Some of the longest living, and happiest people on their planet have a common attribute; living life with a clear sense of purpose. In business, it is a clear sense of mission. In the Indian Wisdom Tradition, it is understanding your Dharma. Whichever way you look at it, having a clear sense of purpose, drives focus, intention and power into your existence. Things that don't serve you fall away, and opportunities that support you, magically present themselves. Coaching can help hone in on your talents, passions and purpose to then manifest them more effectively.

  • Finding Your Purpose

  • Manifesting Your Intentions

  • Dharma (Purpose) and Sankalpa Shakti (Power of Intention)

Finding Fulfillment & Balance

A life out of balance is not sustainable. Eventually the lack of balance catches up and knocks you off the path to your own success. Finding a sense of balance and fulfillment in life is what enables you to think creatively and chart a path to a happier and more successful existence. I can help identify where things might be out of balance, and help develop a plan towards a more fulfilled life.

  • Finding Balance

  • Identifying What Energizes and Fulfills You

  • Charting a Path to a Fulfilled Life

Digesting toxic emotions

When you are stuck in tough emotions from your past, and they keep coming up again and again - it might be time for therapy. When you are ready to move forward and put those emotions behind you, to live freely, it is time for coaching. I can help you process and digest the toxic residue left in your pysche from past traumas so that they no longer hold you back from success. You can look at your mental processing as a digestive system; throw too much bad stuff at it, and it clogs up the system preventing you from thinking clearly. Digest that toxicity, and your mind, body and spirit free up to you to live a happier life. I have helped numerous clients process serious life traumas to help them move towards a happier and more effective existence.

  • Processing and digesting of toxic emotional residue (ama)

  • Processing emotional trauma

  • Developing emotional resilience

The astrology from Jyotish, the sister tradition of Yoga & Ayurveda is surprisingly accurate in getting a sense of your strengths & weaknesses. As in business, where we use a SWOT (strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threat) analysis to help inform our business strategy and timing, we can use a birth horoscope to help inform our life strategy and timing of events. Using accurate astronomical mathematics, versus Western astrology, the Vedic natal chart is more precise in understanding your character, predispositions, challenges and also timing of major life shifts. Though it is a tool sometimes met with skepticism (myself included!), I have found it to a powerful coaching tool, to help bring perspective and targeted solutions to life’s challenges.

  • Understanding your Vedic birth chart

  • Analyzing your strengths, weaknesses, talents and opportunities for growth

  • Becoming aware of the backdrop of forces at play at different times of your life


As a busy executive, finding balance, and even making time for balance is tough. Vish was able to work with my schedule for 1:1 yoga sessions that have literally changed the way I approach my day.
— Chief Marketing Officer; Toy Manufacturer