Coaching Approach

As a coach I use my experience, training, heightened intuition, communication skills and support techniques to help my clients find their way through the toughest challenges in multiple areas of life. Coaching is comprehensive process that can involve all areas of life, including work, business, finances, health, relationships, education, recreation and spirituality.  I can facilitate the creation and development of goals across all these areas, and help craft a strategy for achieving a holistic success.  

The specific approach I take centers around the belief that the player has all of the potential inside of them. As a coach, I don't actually throw the ball, rather I help the player come to an innate understanding of how to harness their deepest potential and throw the ball farther and better than before. By recognizing the fullest performance potential of my client, I help them find clarity and solve their challenges by leveraging their innate skills, experience and expertise, to help them play at the top of their game.

range of approach

Radical breakthroughs in thinking emerge as the coaching discussion moves towards the non-directive realm.

Radical breakthroughs in thinking emerge as the coaching discussion moves towards the non-directive realm.

how it works

I serve my clients on an as-needed basis. I charge by the hour and work on a sliding scale depending on the unique needs and situation. Typically a first session runs about 90 minutes due to the nature of an initial intake and setting overall plans and goals. Follow-up sessions are usually 60 minutes and vary in cadence from several times a week to once a quarter depending on the situation, the challenge being worked on, the stage of a particular situation and the needs of the client. Due the unique nature of each client's needs, and our personal coach-client fit (which can also change over time), I do not insist on any set package or number of sessions.

ways to work

When possible, I work in-person with clients in the greater Los Angeles area. I service out of area and international clients via Skype, Facetime or phone call.


Having been thrown a challenging assignment, I relied on Vish to help bounce ideas off of and flush out risks in developing a new product strategy. His experience, insight and mock-runs helped me gain confidence to win the management team over.
— Director of Product; Technology Company