It seems life is a constant struggle, managing your work, your career, your family, your relationships, your health, and the myriad other things on your plate. It seems stress and struggle are a constant in today's world. I knew that life all too well during my career as a stressed out business executive, over-achiever, father, son, husband and "fighter". In my mind, it seemed without struggle, everything in my life would fall apart and I would never achieve all my goals. However along with that struggle, came a lot of pain, sickness and also a convenient distraction from discovering my true self.

I have discovered a new way of living my life, one that has much less stress, much more health, much less struggle and a lot more happiness - it is a life of flow. A wise teacher observed me recently, "Wow Vish, you seem to be rowing with the current these days vs rowing against it!" Is it that obvious, I thought? What has really changed?

The key for me was really slowing down. The most successful people I know seem to have this consistent mantra - do less = more done. Now as I struggle less, hide less, and embrace my inner being, I find I am open to all sorts of possibilities that I had closed off in my busy-ness. Slowing down and noticing, has created all sorts of serendipitous moments in my life. From this awareness and openness, my boat has about-turned into alignment with the direction of the river's flow. My marriage, my health, my fatherhood, my business are all in a much better place of flow than ever before. Back then, I wouldn't have believed it if you told me "less is more", but these days, it really seems to be key on a path to happiness.