Living with Purpose

Some of the longest living, and happiest people on the planet have a common attribute, discovered by Dan Buettner and his National Geographic research around finding the world's "Blue Zones". That attribute, is to live life with a clear sense of purpose. In business, we call this having a clear sense of mission. In the Indian Wisdom Tradition, we call this understanding your Dharma. Whichever way you look at it, having a clear sense of purpose, drives focus, intention and power into your existence. Things that don't serve you fall away, and opportunities that support you, magically present themselves. 

Imagine a company without a clear mission statement - the chaos, disorganization and lack of motivation becomes evident. That is why companies invest heavily in firms to help them discover and craft a strong mission statement. As an individual, it is important that we too invest the time in ourselves, to discover our own mission. 

It took me half a lifetime to figure mine out! I exist to help people find their way. I found the power of this sense of mission in some of the work I am doing with military veterans in transition from military leadership roles into civilian leadership. These talented men and women, that served our country with so much courage and bravery, had the strongest and clearest sense of mission that propelled them to lead our troops into battle after battle. Leaving the military and taking up leadership roles in corporations, I found a common theme, a confusion in their sense of personal mission. Helping them find that clarity has led to not only career growth, but reduction in the post-traumatic residual effects of battle that make for a happier existence both at work and at home.